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GIRL, I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE. It's my firm belief that every woman should have the experience of a boudoir session at least once in her life. You deserve to invest in yourself, to see yourself the way that I see you: beautiful, strong, unstoppable. You might be thinking, I'm too shy, too awkward, or not in good enough shape for boudoir. I'm here to tell you that (sorry) you're absolutely wrong. There is no right or wrong body for boudoir - every body is a boudoir body! And let me put you at ease - once you get to know me you aren't going to have to worry about feeling awkward at all. I'll be guiding you through the entire process, from planning, to picking outfits, posing you, and cheering you on the whole way. I promise if you book your boudoir session with me, you'll leave your session feeling like a BOSS.

I see you. You're looking for that little extra ingredient to make you feel damn beautiful. That ingredient is boudoir

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Boudoir is a love story... a self-love story


"BOOK ASAP. I genuinely wish I booked my session with Kolby YEARS ago. I can’t express the level of comfort with my own body, the photoshoot gave me. I have had a strained relationship with my own body and food in general, like most women, my whole life. I can’t promise a boudoir photoshoot will make that go away for you. However, I CAN promise a feeling of victory, however small it may be, over the mental war we women have with our own minds."


"A feeling of victory."

"Kolby is a wonderful photographer and really listens and understands her clients visions for their photos and goes above and beyond to make them happen. She’s extremely comfortable to work with and flexible on scheduling. She is my favorite photographer to work with in the state of Oregon."


"Favorite photographer to work with in the state of oregon."

"I had my first shoot ever with her, it was the best experience I could have asked for! It was a fun and empowering experience, she made me feel beautiful & super comfortable & I was extremely happy with the results. I will definitely be shooting with her again in the future!"


"It was the best experience I could have asked for!"

Kolby was super sweet and made me feel so comfortable during my shoot! She also asked me at the end of my shoot if I felt like we got all the shots I wanted, which I appreciated! She really took her time to make me happy and was up for anything I wanted. I have gotten photos taken in the past by other photographers but Kolby is by far my favorite! I loved how my pictures turned out and I got them back quickly! I will be a returning customer for Kolby! I would highly recommend her!!


"She really took her time to make me happy"

"Kolby is the most professional and personable photographer I’ve ever worked with. She makes you feel safe and comfortable and brings out your most beautiful aspects. She has a special way of capturing those little moments that feel big. I can not recommend her enough. For family, solo, professional, wedding, boudoir and beyond."


"She brings out your most beautiful aspects"


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