Is studio boudoir session not for you? Are you a nature loving babe who loves to get outdoors? NO PROBLEM. This babe chose to do her boudoir experience on her birthday outdoors, exploring the foggy riverbanks of Southern Oregon, and frolicking in fields of mist and the first rays of the morning sun. And the art we made together simply stunned me. I title this series, “Boudoir at Dawn”. A boudoir experience.

Why outdoors?

I started my journey as a boudoir photographer 12 years ago shooting in nature, and it is to this day one of my favorite ways to capture the female form. There is something so feminine about the earth, the fog, and the river. Something that compliments the beauty of a woman so effortlessly. There is a reason why we constantly bring nature into our homes- bouquets of flowers, “house” plants, the vegetables in our kitchen. Nature is an inherent part of who we are.

Oregon Boudoir Photographer


We started this early morning session bundled up and coffees in hand. Driving around to river spots looking for the perfect foggy scene to work with. Unfortunately though, much of the land we drove past and wanted to shoot in was fenced off, private property. Luckily we found this beautiful spot, and when I saw the way the fog was caressing the river bed, the beauty stunned me. THIS was the spot.

You’ll see that the style in this boudoir series is nostalgic, simple, feminine, not overly edited. I wanted the viewer to relate to the images, to feel something. To see a real human, with real emotions, beautiful and raw and simply being herself. Experiencing the world.

Oregon Boudoir Photography
boudoir photographer in Oregon

The way these photographs felt like they were scenes out of a movie, out of a film, made the artist inside me so happy. This is the type of art I love to create. This is true femininity, true feeling. A reminder of why I love being a boudoir photographer so much.


One thing I noticed is how the change of outfits from white to black created a completely different emotion. The white to me was so feminine, soft, delicate. While the black to me screamed empowerment.

Oregon Boudoir Photographer

Final Location

While the photographs we took along the river banks were stunning, the field we ended in was my favorite. We were driving home through back roads and I saw this field with a blanket of fog, and pulled over immediately. Private property? I plead the fifth. But, these last photographs are by far my favorite from the day.